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We participated in the International Mining Congress, Sonora 2022, held in the city of Hermosillo. The technical talk entitled “Aerial Magnetometry for search and exploration of resources”, by Andrés Arzate Monterrubio, Director of Geophysics and Exploration, and José Eduardo Villa-Michel Lemus, Commercial Director and Chief Pilot of AV3 AEROVISUAL, was an excellent opportunity to present our service AV-MAG℠ to the mining community in the country and explain its rationale, design, applications, scope and benefits.

This aeromagnetic acquisition system with drones began in 2014, as part of a research project within the framework of a Conacyt project. This development consisted of integrating drone technology and a three-component Fluxgate aerospace type magnetometer, adapted by LEMI Laboratories at the request of AV3 AEROVISUAL.

As an innovation in the area of Geophysics and Exploration, AV3 AEROVISUAL has developed the AV-MAG℠ system; a service of aeromagnetometry using drones focused on subsurface exploration for the location of mineral veins and other structures, identifiable through magnetic anomaly maps. This system, initially developed by Msc. Andrés Arzate Monterrubio, has been successfully tested in mining, energy, construction and several research projects.


With 14 years of experience connecting and linking companies, service providers, institutions and governments, the International Mining Congress began in 1995 as a local event where the advances and services of the different mining companies in the region were presented; today it has become one of the five most important events of the sector in the Americas, as well as the ideal scenario to position companies in the sights of potential national and foreign clients.

It is worth noting that in the context of the Congress, in addition to the large participation of companies and attendees from all over the country and abroad, the contribution of the companies and attendees was also very important. Technical Talks is one of the most attractive parts of the conference, as knowledge and experiences are shared, ranging from research projects to the presentation of technological innovations and improvements in exploration, extraction and resource management methods, which especially seek to reduce the environmental impact of mining activities.

We thank the organization of the International Mining Congress, Sonora 2022, for the invitation to be part of the Technical Talks of this edition, we recognize their work and management for the realization of this key event for this sector, in the mining heart of the country. 

If you want to know a little more about the history of magnetometers, we suggest you read the article; What is magnetometry and what is it used for? a must read to better understand the origin and purpose of this technology. 

At AV3 AEROVISUAL we offer consulting and services of aerial magnetometry with drones for exploration and resource search. Reach us at contacto@av3aerovisual.com or call us at 442 129 7892 and let our experts advise you and together find the best solution for your budget and needs.

Services :
Well location
Geophysics and exploration Precision agriculture

Hydrological study and geological analysis for the location of water wells and aquifers; to identify the water capacities of your land and use the water in a more efficient way.

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Drone aereo magnetometry
Geophysics and exploration

We are pioneers in aerial magnetometry with drones in Mexico. AV-MAG℠ is a high-tech geophysical exploration method for generating highly accurate magnetic anomaly maps.

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Geophysical studies
Geophysics and exploration

We implement geophysical methods for underground research and exploration. Natural resources and hydrocarbons, mining, construction, urban planning, public safety, archeology and agriculture.

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As part of our services for geophysics and exploration, we use drones and geophysical technologies for the exploration and estimation of resources, identification of geological structures and soil studies. these services optimize resources and costs, automate and improve processes for planning and development of mining projects, exploration plans, geology management, geophysical investigation, drilling, mineral resource estimation, evaluation of geological and exploration projects, geological data collection, geothermal prospecting, establishment of lithological boundaries, topography, rock bed configuration, well and aquifer location. All our services are insured and all our operators are licenced drone pilots.

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