American Eagle – Teepee – Festival Akamba


Hoolie Cook, Nicola Cruz and Salón Acapulco, were some of the artists of this edition where music, art and attendees gathered to celebrate nature, fire, and the rhythms of the earth at the Akamba festival in the region of Tequila, Jalisco.

Our participation was possible thanks to the work we have done with Distrito Global, a production agency specialized in the design and production of cultural experiences, during the 2018 edition of the Carnaval de Bahidorá

We took over the video and aerial photography with drones, as well as floor photography, to produce exclusive content for the American Eagle brand during its activation in the context of the Festival. We also did on-site portrait photography sessions with influencers such as: Regina Ayné, Samuel Fematt, Martín Barba, Mauricio Poil y Fernando Poil.

We thank and congratulate Iñigo Villamil, Álvaro Hernández, Mario Romero; and the entire Distrito Global team for the success of the first edition of the Festival Akamba; without a doubt one of the events we have enjoyed the most in the last year.

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