AV3 AEROVISUAL – 1st Place- Ebee Effect 2019


SenseFly, Swiss company leader in technology generation for the collection and analysis of geospatial data, launched its first international call for the creation of a video where users and companies could show the ways in which they make use of these equipments, the contexts where they are implemented and the usefulness of the data obtained for decision making.

For AV3 AEROVISUAL it was decisive to participate; on one hand the attractive first place prize: an Ebee X drone for mapping, high-precision mode (RTK or PPK) activated, and a senseFly S.O.D.A. 3D or senseFly Aeria X camera to choose from. And on the other hand, the opportunity to share with the world our capabilities as a company, the kind of services we offer, as well as the way we design communication messages and how we create content.

After a month of work, and almost another to wait for the jury’s answer, at the beginning of July SenseFly announced the winners of the 2019 edition of Ebee Effect, being AV3 AEROVISUAL the first place among 60 participating companies. We feel very proud and honored by this award that also motivates us to keep flying… high.

We congratulate all participants in this competition. It is clear to us the effort it represents to enter the market with this type of services and also to know the best way to communicate its advantages and benefits. Our special recognition goes to the team of Arctic UAV, the Canadian company that won third place (watch here) and to the French team of Hydro Visio for obtaining second place in this competition (watch here). 


A couple of months after the announcement of the winners, we received Jose M. Marchetti  in our office, Regional Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, along with SenseFly representatives in Mexico to hand in the first place award. During the meeting, we shared our impressions about the performance of this technology, how it helps us to make our customers’ decision making and processes more efficient, as well as recommendations for the improvement of the equipment according to our experience.

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