Drones | Interview at SumaDos by RTQ


Drones have been incorporated into everyday life and are great allies in manufacturing, agriculture, production and construction.”
Araceli Ardón, writer and host at SumaDos of Radio y Televisión de Querétaro.

Do you know whether or not a license is required to operate them? What arwriter, cultural promoter and host at the TV show SumaDos of Radio y Televisión de Querétaro; a forum for expression and analysis of contemporary issues of interest and concern to society in general. 

We thank Araceli and the production team of the SumaDos tv show for the space and the opportunity to share with their audience what we do, as well as the uses and benefits of the technology we work with.

At AV3 AEROVISUAL we are passionate about sharing knowledge and experiences. Are you interested in sharing with your audience more about the world of drones and the scope of this technology? Write to us at contacto@av3aerovisual.com or send us a WhatsApp message to 442 129 7892 to schedule an interview.

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