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Professional Operation of RPA’s in Mexico

The use of drones requires training and qualification, regardless of whether it is for recreational, commercial or industrial purposes. However, the implementation of Unmanned Aircraft for professional or industrial,  demands the professionalization of its operators in all senses, both in the handling of the technology, the purposes for which it is intended and especially, to know the rules and regulations around its use.

We have learned many things over the last six years and this experience in the field, in addition to the technical training we have acquired, now allows us to share our knowledge with other companies and thus help them to train teams of internal operators who can take advantage and enhance the scope of these technologies.

An example of this is the recent PILOT TRAINING COURSE, Professional Operation of RPA’s in Mexico, given by our colleagues Pedro Olivares Saínz and Joe Villa-Michel, Commercial Director and Chief Pilot of AV3 AEROVISUAL. The course, which took place in the facilities of NUQLEO, an incubator of ideas and projects for young people from Querétaro, was given to members of the SMARTHAUS team, a company dedicated to the implementation of integrated solutions for home automation and entertainment systems.

It is important to mention that this course is designed to provide the student with the competencies for the proper operation of “micro” and “small” category RPAs in Mexico, and is taught by aeronautical technical personnel certified by the Mexican Ministry of Communication and Transport and the Federal Agency of Civil Aviation of Mexico. One of the most attractive elements of this training is the possibility of putting into practice what has been learned, thus giving the attendees the confidence to start applying this tool in their professional activities.


Professional Operation of RPA’s in Mexico

  • Introduction to RPA’s
  • Professional Applications
  • Introduction to Civil Aeronautics
  • RPA Regulations in Mexico
  • Operational Safety
  • Operational Procedures
  • Operation of RPAs

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