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Hand, earth, seed, water and fire.
It could be argued that the culprit for all the calamities we have caused as a species has only one to blame: The first human being who understood that from the seed comes the plant and from the plant, the fruit. The very discoverer of agriculture. It is true that we have in our hands what can be distinguished as the most important activity in the history of human evolution: From nomads to sedentary, from sedentary to producers, from producers to having an International Space Station where the first space plants have already been harvested, robot surgeons operating cloned animals and intelligent drones delivering hamburgers at home… Without a doubt, technology has substantially modified the life of our species; however, we are facing even more provocative changes that will not only change the way we live, but the history of evolution itself.

In the context of the 4th edition of the event: “Cuartos limpios y emprendimiento científico en México” (Clean Rooms and Scientific Entrepreneurship in Mexico) organized by CIDESI (The Engineering and Industrial Development Center in Querétaro) and Dirección de Microtecnologías (The Microtechnologies Department), our Executive Director Pedro Olivares Saínz, will participate on behalf of AV3 AEROVISUAL with the conference entitled Evolution: The Future of Technology.

With this type of actions, where the public is linked to the scientific community, we seek to convey to attendees that there are scientific and technological capabilities in the country, in addition to the necessary infrastructure to undertake or support outstanding companies with the offer of manufacturing services and technological development. If you are an entrepreneur, researcher, academic, or student of careers related to the microelectronics industry, we recommend you to review the program here and take this opportunity to meet closely those who are doing business through scientific research and technology implementation.  

The talk, which will last approximately 40 minutes, will take place this Wednesday, October 23rd at 9 a.m. at the CIDESI Querétaro facilities located at Av. Playa Pie de la Cuesta No. 702. Desarrollo San Pablo. Admission is free, we are waiting for you.

For more information you can contactDirección de Microtecnologías (The Microtechnologies Department) of CIDESI Querétaro.

E-mail: microtecnologías@cidesi.edu.mx

Tel: +52 (442) 211-9800 ext. 5040

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