B2B Meeting – First Trade Mission of Slovakia to Mexico


We had the honor to be invited to participate in the B2B meeting of the first Trade Mission of Slovakia in Mexico;  organized by the Ministry of Economy and the Slovak Trade and Investment Development Agency (SARIO), through the Embassy of Slovakia in Mexico. The session with Tomáš Barnáš, CEO and co-founder of Overhead4D and the AV3 AEROVISUAL team, seeks to generate a business alliance that benefits and extends the reach of both companies in Latin America and the European continent.

Founded in 2016 in the city of Kežmarok in eastern Slovakia, Overhad4D is a studio that specializes in photogrammetry for creative and entertainment purposes. Using laser scanning and drone surveying, they generate digital twins of existing and imaginary spaces and buildings to create experiences through virtual and augmented reality. Brand ambassadors of the software company Unreal Engine, leader in video game development, Overhead4D was part of the delegation of companies of the first trade mission of Slovakia in Mexico, with a special interest in teaming up with a drone service provider with the ability to generate high quality and accurate results.

During the interview, José Eduardo Villa-Michel Lemus, Commercial Director and Chief Pilot at AV3 AEROVISUAL, highlighted the importance of contacting a strategic partner in Mexico for photogrammetry surveys with drones, In addition to having the licenses and certifications required by the different agencies that regulate the use of unmanned aircraft for professional and commercial purposes, our knowledge of the sector in the country, the contacts and operational experience of AV3 AEROVISUAL, are key to ensure the quality and efficiency in the results required for this type of projects.

Erick Tovar Castillo, Chief of Operations at AV3 AEROVISUAL, who answered some questions related to procedures and methodology of field work, spoke about the possibilities that exist to offer some of the services from the Overhead4D catalog for projects in Mexico, especially everything related to digital reconstruction of buildings and sites that are part of the cultural and archaeological heritage of our country, as well as the generation of content for virtual and augmented reality, of great value in the film and advertising industry. 

Finally, Ulises Santamaría Hernandez, Liaison Officer and Director of Communication and Digital Marketing, habló spoke during the meeting about the strength and presence of AV3 AEROVISUAL in digital platforms and how this pillar of our business strategy, can benefit to raise the scope of the relationship with Overhead4D, or any foreign company seeking to have a presence in the Mexican market.


Mexico, which for several years has been a strategic ally of the Slovak Republic in Latin America, sold to this country in 2021 close to 15 million dollars in inputs from the industry dedicated to the development, design, manufacture and sale of articles and materials for writing. According to Data México, a portal of the Ministry of Economy, the main entities that currently have trade relations with Slovakia are the State of Mexico, Jalisco and Guanajuato. 

In this context, our participation in the meeting organized by the Embassy of Slovakia in Mexico,  led by Ambassador Terézia Šajgalíková, was an excellent opportunity to continue contributing to attract other countries attention on our state and be interested in linking with Queretaro companies in the service sector, innovation, implementation of new technologies and digital transformation, especially considering that Querétaro currently has only a share of .27% of sales from Mexico to Slovakia. 

We would like to thank to the staff of the first Trade Mission of Slovakia in Mexico for the organization and invitation to the business meeting; especially to Martina Prokopová, economic and cultural advisor of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Mexico, for her management and interest for this experience to have positive results and be the beginning of a working relationship and friendship between Overhead4D and AV3 AEROVISUAL. We would also like to thank Salvador Monge, Director of Operations in El Gran Bajío, for his support in making our participation in this event possible.

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