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AV3 AEROVISUAL | Drones for the industry
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Drones for the industry

Drones are changing the way of working in multiple industries beyond the military sphere:


  • Agrifood companies and farms
  • Industrial facilities
  • Builders and developers
  • Architecture offices
  • Real estate companies
  • Mining companies
  • Civil engineering and town planning
  • Catastre
  • Security and surveillance
  • Advertising agencies
  • Media production companies
  • Turism
  • Logistics
  • Government dependencies


All these industries are already benefiting from the use of drones in such versatile operations such as: thermal inspections, precision agriculture, surveying, surveillance, risk and leakage control, 3D modeling, planning and logistics, volumetry and many more.


One of the greatest advantages of industrial drone inspection is the reduction in inspection costs and times, with the possibility of reaching remote or inaccessible locations; due to their spatial conditions or the human risk they present for a standard inspection. This can be used to identify potential problems, through thermal measurements and radiometry; like leaks of energy, gas, liquids and temperature changes.


For this service to be executed properly, it is important to plan correctly the flight mission and determine the areas of greatest relevance for the analysis of the inspection. It is mandatory to take all safety measures, follow established protocols and constantly observe possible climatic variations.