1st Aerial Thermography Course in Mexico with International Certification


1st Aerial Thermography Course in Mexico with International Certification, organized by AV3 AEROVISUAL and Kapter,  experts in thermography. With attendees from different disciplines and from different parts of Mexico as well as Colombia and Venezuela. The two-week course was a unique opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in any inspection where drones and thermal cameras are implemented for maintenance purposes.

This course was conducted in collaboration with the Kapter,  team, a research center specialized in the design of energy solutions through infrared and thermographic technology, the course included the participation of Margarita Kaplun, General Director of Kapter and a highly experienced level III thermographer, as well as Pedro Olivares Sáinz, , General Director of AV3 AEROVISUAL and Erick Tovar Director of Operations, both in charge of the module dedicated to the implementation of drones for thermographic inspections. 

1st. Generation of aerial thermographs certified by CIT Group in Mexico.

Thermography has been used for more than fifty years, however, and along with other technological advances in different industries, including health and especially with the arrival of the Covid19 pandemic, this technique that has become popular is characterized by recording the temperature at a distance through the measurement of radiation, without requiring direct contact with the objects. Nowadays the use of thermography has many applications in different sectors of the industry, energy, agriculture, and in general any area where it is necessary to make an in-depth analysis to help prevent and correct risk situations. Hence its importance and relevance for all those professionals who seek to acquire knowledge that allows them to be increasingly competitive and at the same time, dabble in new areas that today require trained and certified personnel.

Starting with the basic principles of thermography, to its application through the use of drones, the course included theory, history, regulations, equipment, use of software, review of specific cases and a demonstration that allowed attendees to better visualize the execution of a thermographic inspection of photovoltaic panels.

International Certification in Aerial Thermography for the team of AV3 AEROVISUAL

At AV3 AEROVISUAL we believe that teamwork is essential for the success and competitiveness of any company, this includes ongoing training and search for professional growth of each of us who are part of this project.

Therefore, and in order to increase our reach in the renewable energy sector, our colleagues José Eduardo Villa-Michel, Chief Pilot, Andrés Arzate, Director of Geophysics and Exploration, and Ulises Santamaría, Director of Communication and Marketing, join the first generation of aerial thermographers together with Pedro Olivares Sáinz and Erick Tovar Castillo. This places our company in a privileged position in a context where it is essential to execute, understand and communicate correctly what we do and how our aerial thermography services can bring value, profits and lower risks to the logistics of preventive and corrective maintenance for the industry.

Instructors’ profiles

Margarita Kaplun Mucharrafille 

MMargarita Kaplun, Director of Kapter and Master in Advanced Manufacturing, is one of the main drivers of this research and development center through initiatives such as the Dauik project, original and patented design of radiation equipment for thermal calibration. 

Pedro Olivares Sáinz 

Pedro Olivares Sáinz, General Manager of AV3 AEROVISUAL is a certified RPAS pilot, Level I Thermographer and Coordinator of more than 300 drone implementation projects for the industry, key member of the operations team in the implementation of thermography with unmanned aerial vehicles in photovoltaic plants, for preventive and predictive maintenance purposes.

Erick Tovar Castillo

Erick Tovar Castillo, Director of Operations of AV3 AEROVISUAL is a certified RPAS pilot and level I thermographer, he has been in charge of the operations area for more than five years, especially in missions in photovoltaic plants, having in his experience a little more than 2.5 Gigawatts inspected in different parts of Mexico.

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