Thermography course with certification – level 1


Thermography is a technique that records temperature by distance through radiation measurement, without needing to make direct contact with objects. It has diverse applications; from the industrial, energy, agriculture, to the health sector. 

Aware of the importance and the benefits of implementing thermography and having trained personnel, The Thermography Course- Level 1 course was offered by M.S. Margarita Kaplun Mucharrafille General Director of Kapter – Experts in thermography. Kapter is a research and development centre located in Zapopan Jalisco, focused on providing solutions throughout infrared radiation.

The Course with Certification in Thermography Level 1 organized in collaboration with Kapter, AV3 AEROVISUAL, and based in the facilities of the technology cluster Vórtice IT; was given under the ASNT, ANSI and ISO chapter 18436-7 ISO standards. This certification is granted by CiT Group, an international organization based in the USA, which since 2008 has trained more than 350 people, both in basic thermography courses and in levels 1, 2 and 3.

We had the opportunity to interview M.S.Margarita Kaplun, who mentioned that the goal of this course is for people to learn how to properly use thermography, the technique, and the advantages that this knowledge can bring to their work. This course is designed for: technicians, graduates, preferably with studies of mechanical engineering, electrical, chemical, electronic, electromechanical, mechatronics, mostly for all those people who are responsible for corrective, preventive or predictive maintenance in their field of work.

Aerial thermography with drones and its advantages for the energy industry

Kapter´s Director believes that the applications in the energy industry are very broad, from thermoelectric or hydroelectric,  and especially renewable energies where solar energy has taken on great importance. This is why aerial thermography with drones has become very important as it allows the detection of hot spots at different heights and distances which would not be possible to reach otherwise.

M.S. Margarita Kaplun added that the use of drones for thermography, is an excellent alternative if the area where you plan to make the measurements is in a context of busy or winding terrain, so the use of drones for aerial thermography can reach all types of terrain, covering great distances and areas, and most importantly, that can be done in less time compared to traditional methods.


Director of operations of AV3 AEROVISUAL and responsible for the planning of inspection missions with drones in solar panel fields Erick Tovar Castillo, said that the thermography course is very complete, because you learn from basic concepts such as; What is heat, to the infrared electromagnetic spectrum, which is precisely one of the most relevant for the type of work we do in the company. 

Besides being able to corroborate the previous knowledge acquired in the field, Erick Tovar also mentioned that Margarita Kaplun´s experience and personality were key to the success of the course. Given that is an extensive course, the dynamics are nurtured by the constant interest of the instructor in engaging attendees and therefore ensuring the understanding of concepts, handling of technology and consolidation of knowledge.

We thank Margarita Kaplun and Ignacio Alberto Charreton of Kapter for accepting the invitation to teach the thermography course in Querétaro. Likewise, our gratitude to Bernardo Buitrón, general director of Vórtice IT for the facilities granted so we could have this experience in the facilities of the cluster.

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