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Let’s talk about drones and their relevance for digital transformation.

We participated in the Technology 4.0 Forum organized by the Secretariat for Youth Affairs of Queretaro at Nuqleo facilities, a space for collaboration, accessible and inclusive, which seeks to provide an opportunity for young people in the state to meet, generate networks and develop initiatives for the benefit of Queretaro’s society.

The drone dialogue panel, led by our CEO, Pedro Olivares Sáinz, was an ideal opportunity to talk and share with young talents about what we do at AV3 AEROVISUAL, the equipment and software we use, its applications and scope, as well as the importance of professionalization, knowledge of the law for the use of unmanned aircraft, and the areas of opportunity where there is still a lot of innovation to be done.

At the end of the conversation, our colleagues José Eduardo Villa-Michel, Chief Pilot, y Erick Tovar Castillo, Chief of Operations; gave a demonstration of how to perform an aerial inspection with drones, where they explained some of the technical aspects that must be taken into account when performing this activity, as well as general principles for the interpretation of the thermal image. The conversation with the attendees during the demonstration allowed the AV3 team to share the potential that this technology represents so that young people in the country become involved in this industry.

We thank the Secretariat for Youth Affairs of Queretaro, Francisco Mota Velasco, José Luis Navarro, Deputy Coordinator of the program Generación 2030, and all the people who joined us to learn more about the use and implementation of unmanned aircraft. We are sure that much of the innovation that our country may offer in this field will come precisely from young people with a vision to improve and benefit different sectors of industry and society.

If you are a representative of a company, institution, organization or collective; and you are interested in bringing this activity to the members of your community, you can write to us at contacto@av3aerovisual.com, or send a Whatsapp message to 442 129 7892. We are passionate about what we do and sharing knowledge is an essential part of our philosophy.


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