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We were recently invited to join the Vórtice IT Querétaro; we met with their General Manager Bernardo Buitrón and discussed the importance that a company such as AV3 AEROVISUAL, specialized in the implementation of drones and geomatic technologies and data analysis, becomes part of this ecosystem to add value to the work groups that comprises it. Our participation is also intended to enrich the development of initiatives, as well as the possibilities of collaboration and project development among the members of the cluster.

Vórtice IT Querétaro, the country’s first cluster focused on the development of technology industries, aims to gather all technology companies and work together with the entire sector to make it grow. Founded fifteen years ago, the cluster started with 68 companies and currently numbers about 200.

The guidelines, initially established in collaboration with all the participating companies, soon became working groups. These groups, over time, have become the great differentiator of the cluster, by uniting the expertise and work of the companies, it has been possible to create projects that influence many levels of society and at the same time, draw the institutions and government’s attention.

In their own words, Vórtice IT is made up of technology companies that together generate a collaboration network with triple helix actors; Companies – Academy and Government.

The cluster has its own park, built in collaboration with the companies that comprise it, where any of its members can make use of its facilities: meeting rooms, auditoriums, work laboratories and offices. Furthermore, Vórtice IT Querétaro supports its members in the search and management of resources to carry out projects that promote its main objectives.

We are both excited and grateful to have been invited to be part of this platform, since it allows us to get involved with key players on the technology scene in the region and the country, and at the same time, contribute to the professionalization and orderly growth of the sector to which we belong.

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