AV3 AEROVISUAL emerged in 2014 as a project of Erick Tovar Castillo and José Eduardo Villa-Michel Lemus, dedicated in its beginnings to the generation of aerial video and photography. Shortly after starting operations, the founding team decided to explore other areas of technology implementation and that is how the company began to offer services for the construction industry.

Although getting started was an exciting stage, the arrival of Pedro Olivares Sáinz to the Commercial Management in 2017, has been key in the history of AV3 AEROVISUAL. With a degree in International Business with a major in Finance from ITESM and studies in different universities abroad, Pedro Olivares Sáinz arrived with the goal of growing the project started by Erick and Joe, and together along with the rest of the team, consolidate AV3 AEROVISUAL as one of the leading companies in the implementation of drones, geomatic technologies and data science in Mexico and Latin America.

After five years successfully managing along with the AV3 AEROVISUAL team, more than 300 drone implementation projects in the various industries served by the company, obtaining certification as an RPA pilot and in Thermography, as well as serving as a brand ambassador for Pix4D and being a representative of the International Society of Precision Agriculture in Mexico, our dear colleague and friend left at the end of 2021 the Executive Management of the company, a position he assumed additionally in the last year, to start a double degree in Business Administration + Data and Business Analytics at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. 

We are grateful for the guidance, example, work and dedication that Pedro put into everything he did for the growth of AV3 and all the members of the team. We also appreciate the important role played by the Olivares Sáinz family in believing in this project and supporting all our initiatives. 

The AV3 AEROVISUAL team celebrates this moment in our history, now after five years in incubation we are ready to consolidate as an independent company. We are fortunate to have made our wings strong alongside committed and passionate people. Pedro Olivares Sáinz, now as AV3 AEROVISUAL‘s strategic consultant, leaves a legacy that will be essential for our work and future growth; Thank you Director! It’s time to fly high.

New Commercial Direction of AV3 AEROVISUAL

Founding partner and Chief Pilot since 2014 with more than a thousand flight hours distributed in precision agriculture projects, aerial thermography, photogrammetry, work monitoring, wind farm inspection and audiovisual production; José Eduardo Villa-Michel Lemus will serve from January 2022 as Commercial Director of AV3 AEROVISUAL, work that although he has assisted since the beginning of the company, now will take much of its activity. 

Responsible along with Erick Tovar for the design of the services currently offered by the company, Villa-Michel Lemus, who is also certified in Aerial Thermography and licenced for Unmanned Aircraft Operations, will represent the company in strategic activities and spaces to continue creating connections with key people within the industries we are targeting.

We are confident in Joe’s talent, experience and ability to carry this responsibility and become a factor of change that inspires us to fly with freedom and decision. We are ready to write this new chapter of our history; Good luck Captain, it’s time to dare to fly higher and farther.

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