Getting our hands on new technologies is part of the spirit of innovation that has prevailed in AV3 AEROVISUAL and what has kept us at the forefront, either with the intention of improving and updating our processes, or to outline our services and offer better solutions.

This has not only had a positive impact on our operations and the results we deliver, it also adds value to the perception that companies from different parts of the world linked to the development of technology have of our company, which has given rise to create relationships of friendship and collaboration where AV3 adds value to these companies, serving as a success story of the use of its technology or as ambassadors of the solutions they offer.

It is for this reason that the invitation to collaborate with the French company Parrot and its subsidiary in Mexico, Sysmap, in the realization of a video for the promotion of its Bluegrass Fields, was also an excellent opportunity to test this equipment that we had heard so much about, understand its possibilities and at the same time, assess its integration into our fleet for precision agriculture projects. 

Pedro Olivares Saínz, General Director of AV3 AEROVISUAL and representative in Mexico of the International Society for Precision Agriculture, shows us in this piece how to prepare the Parrot Bluegrass Fields to fly and inspect crop fields. The equipment, a multipurpose quadcopter designed for agriculture, helps farmers to better visualize their production and thus increase their chances of market positioning, even months in advance of their harvest, thanks to its 2 integrated cameras; a video camera and a Parrot Sequoia multispectral sensor.

We thank the Parrot France team and our partners Sysmap in Irapuato, for the invitation to be part of this experience. Participating in this type of activities not only gives us the opportunity to test new technology, it is also a recognition of our work and professionalism, which puts AV3 AEROVISUAL among the companies that figure internationally in the sector of providers of inspection services with drones.

Services :
Consulting and research
Precision agriculture

We help you find the best precision agriculture solution for your project through customized consultancies, with the aim of increasing efficiency, control and performance in your production.

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Multiespectral monitoring
Precision agriculture

Multispectral monitoring service with drones to obtain vegetation indices, biomass estimation, pest detection and zoning for the application of agrochemicals in crops.

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Well location
Geophysics and exploration Precision agriculture

Hydrological study and geological analysis for the location of water wells and aquifers; to identify the water capacities of your land and use the water in a more efficient way.

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Our precision agriculture services use drones, precision technologies and data analysis to efficiently manage resources, identify problems and optimize crop production. These services optimize resources and costs, automate and improve production processes for sectors such as agriculture, hydro-agriculture, agro-industry, agri-food, agro-chemicals, agricultural research, sustainable development and sustainable agriculture. All our services are insured and all our operators are licenced drone pilots.